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These are before and afters for a large downtown apartment I did this week. Aren't they mind blowing?! 😲

This is a Mannington Luxury Vinyl Hardwood Plank in Peppercorn color, purchased from the helpful staff at Sterling Carpet One. Luxury vinyl planks are PERFECT for high traffic living spaces because of how incredibly durable and resistant to wear it is. (Fantastic option for rental, apartments and businesses and yes even your home with kiddos and pets.)

Need more reasons to consider Luxury Vinyl Planking? 🤔 What if I told you it was Waterproof. Vinyl itself is waterproof when installed correctly. This makes it a great choice for high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. If installed properly, the likelihood of water going to the sub-floor is small.

Still not convinced that Luxury Vinyl Planking is right for you? Unlike a lot of flooring options out there Luxury Vinyl Planks are easy to repair. If the tiles/planks are damaged or need to be replaced, you can replace that one piece without having to tear up the whole floor.

What a transformation! 😍

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