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Guess what time of the year it is?! 🤔🤷‍♀️ NEW CONSTRUCTION SEASON!! YAY!! 🙌

"How do I choose which flooring to use in my new home?"

Choosing flooring for your new construction home can be so exciting! There is a plethora of great options to choose from, and an opportunity to customize the look and feel of each room to your exact liking, starting from scratch is very rewarding. However, exciting as it may be, there are often a mound of questions that come up. Christy with Barefoot Flooring Installation is here to help with those flooring questions!

When choosing a new floor, it is not only important to select a floor type that coincides with the furnishings, but it should also fit the unique needs of each space to ensure you get the most out of your flooring. Set up an appointment today with Christy, and let her cover your unique flooring needs. With over 10 years of interior design and over 8 years of residential and commercial flooring installation, Christy will answer any and all of your questions.

Message us today for your hassle free consultation and estimate. Let Barefoot help you choose the perfect flooring for you and your home.

Barefoot Flooring Installation

Quality You Can Stand On 👣💚

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